Vouch addon for Plex Tickets and Plex Staff

Empower your community with our Vouch system! Let users share positive experiences by vouching for each other or your business. Customize the vouch messages to make each acknowledgment uniquely yours. Keep track of the total vouch count for added credibility. Enhance the sense of community and trust in your server or business with this powerful vouching feature


  • Easy to setup
  • Enable users to vouch for each other or your business.
  • Customize vouch messages and embed appearance to suit your style.
  • Track and display the total vouch count for increased credibility.
  • Seamless integration with Discord for a user-friendly experience.
  • Require users to upload an image/proof to be displayed in the vouch embed (optional)
  • Only users with required roles can vouch



Vouch | Plex Addon — $4.99

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