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Plex Tickets

An advanced ticket bot made with simplicity it brings to users both in use within discord and installation, The bot runs on the latest version of Discord.js and is fully customizable with 50+ features and no watermarks! ![Preview](

User Reviews

Product: Plex Tickets 5/5

“Incroyable !!! je vous le conseille son prix vaut la peine”j4ck0l4ntern

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Product: Counting | Plex Addon 5/5

“Best addon by far 10/10”! Xelle

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Product: Plex Tickets 5/5

“Best Ticket bot ever i am very happy also with the support that they give you!”nameles05498

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Product: Plex Tickets 5/5

“best ticket bot ever! never gets a issue with it!”[NN] Bosu

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